The Championship Race Series program has been indefinitely suspended.

Like all other aspects of skiing, the costs of setting up and timing a ski race course have escalated. Historically, Pittsburgh Ski Club had shared these costs with the Western Pennsylvania Ski Council and other clubs within the council. However, in 2013 some of our key partners opted not to participate any longer. The Pittsburgh Ski Club could not afford to finance the program alone; and so it collapsed under its own financial burden.

The $20 entry fee that race team participants paid basically only covered the yearly Awards Party at the end of the race season.

In addition, our long time Race Director has resigned and we have not been able to find someone willing to fill the position.

Some members are looking into reviving the program by participating in an already established program like NASTAR (National Standard Race). But no viable proposal has been presented to date.

If you would like to serve as Race Director, or can serve as a race instructor or have some ideas on how to revive the race program; please contact the President, via email.